Concrete Art-FX - Concord Ontario

Concrete Art-FX – Concord Ontario

Custom Concrete Flooring And Epoxy Coatings Specialist   

Concrete Art-FX Inc., is a specialist in the art of transforming commercial and residential plain, ordinary concrete into finely crafted, beautiful custom concrete floor finishes throughout the greater Toronto, and southern Ontario, and beyond for special larger projects.

We create highly unique, very visually appealing, and extremely durable concrete floor finishes such as diamond polished concrete flooring that is engineered to withstand heavy traffic use, yet will stand out as showroom quality residential or commercial flooring finish. In addition, we offer colourful and Eco-friendly concrete flooring designs for one of a kind seamless flooring.

Concrete Art FX gallary

   Specialist in grinding and polishing concrete floors and professional
application of decorative and specialty epoxy floor coating in the greater
Toronto area and beyond. We repair and transform virtually any concrete floor
into a unique beautiful floor finishes.

When contracting Concrete Art-FX, you can expect reliable, friendly customer service with helpful advice with the entire process of creating a beautiful concrete floor for a lifetime of use as a standard. More importantly we work efficiently and offer very competitive pricing on all our decorative and custom concrete flooring work and will recommend the best effective concrete flooring solution. Simply complete our free quote request form to get a price estimate for your concrete floor project.

 If you would like to discuss a specific upcoming concrete floor project or have any questions on the type of concrete floor work we produce, you would like us to answer, please contact us at the number below

Concrete Art-FX Inc
5 – 207 Edgeley Blvd.
Concord ON
L4K 4B5





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