SPA TRUMP TORONTO - Quartz Crystal Spa

SPA TRUMP TORONTO – Quartz Crystal Spa

The vibe: The Quartz Crystal Spa at the Trump Toronto is everything you expect a Trump spa to be. Draped in crystal chandeliers, slick black floors, black leather couches and small flicks of gold as embellishment ooze the idealism of the luxe Trump lifestyle. And the service will not go unnoticed – rarely will you have an empty glass of cucumber water in hand, or tea too cool to sip.

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The treatment: You need to up your massage game. A deep tissue will no longer do – a hot stone will no longer cut it. The cure? TORONTOA hot bamboo massage to help ease away any holiday stress and those pesky winter blues. Think about this … fresh cut bamboo being rubbed and rolled over your body to release all that tension. Could it get any better?

Your massage will start with some light tapping with padded bamboo sticks to get the blood flowing and loosen muscles. Then, working on one side at a time, your therapist will use heated bamboo pieces (different sizes and shapes for different depths of massage) to massage your body from toes to neck (FYI, you’ll need to strip down to your birthday suit and even nix your skivvies to get the most out of this treatment). Some pieces feel more like smooth hot stones that are worked into tight upper and lower back muscles. Others are like full shoots of bamboo that are rolled with different levels of pressure over certain areas to really release tension in muscles and tendons any runner will know that the tightness in your IT band – running from your hip down to your ankle – is always in need of some extra loosening). The bamboo shoots also work wonders along the sides of your neck and shoulders near the end of the treatment (you’ll also get a much need scalp and face massage, too, minus the bamboo, of course).

By the end you’ll feel like you had a work out post massage – in the best way possible. All that rolling over muscles and tendons really digs into certain areas that you may have forgotten about. My IT band felt worked, but more relaxed at the same time. And the tension around the shoulders just melted away.

Bliss factor: 5 out of 5 aromatherapy drops.

Price: $210 for 75 minutes,

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