Ballroom Skirts

Ballroom Skirts
Ballroom Skirts

Ballroom Skirt 1

$ CAD170.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom skirt made of stretch jersey and mesh, satin ribbon Matching blouse can be found in the tops catalog Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics.  ..

Ballroom Skirt 15

$ CAD265.00

A standard women's dance skirt from PRIMABELLA with regiline and velvet inserts will allow you to create a unique image and get unforgettable emotions.The neatness and precision of tailoring..

Ballroom Skirt 16

$ CAD220.00

Ballroom skirt with sewn-in bicycles from PRIMABELLA. Flounces with internal regiline at the hem add volume and dynamics to the dance. Deep wrap cut to the waist. The skirt is made of elasti..

Ballroom Skirt 10

$ CAD160.00

Skirt for a standard with a stitched velour belt with an elastic band 4-5 cm wide, on a yoke with an asymmetrical bottom and a velour insert. A skirt of six "godet" gussets, a 5 cm wide regi..

Ballroom Skirt 11

$ CAD120.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom / standard dance skirt. Product information: Material: Oil jersey; Features: A skirt of 6 wedges and a slit along the left leg, an elastic band 3-4 cm..

Ballroom Skirt 2

$ CAD170.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom dance skirt with 4 cm elastic for standard.Product information:Material: The product is made of euro mesh (2 layers), the petticoat is made of crepe chiffon;Clasp: ..

Ballroom Skirt 3

$ CAD107.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom Skirt with six gussets, with a stitched belt with an elastic band 4-5 cm wide. The bottom of the product is finished with an open regiline 5 cm wide.Made in Europe,..

Ballroom Skirt 4

$ CAD166.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom Skirt with five gussets with rose mesh inserts, a stitched belt with an elastic band 4 cm wide. The bottom is finished with a 5 cm wide hem. The product is made of ..

Ballroom Skirt 5

$ CAD142.00

The ballroom Skirt is made of oil jersey. At the base of the shuttlecock, there is an insert made of flock mesh, duplicated with a beige oil jersey. The skirt of an adjacent silhouette, flar..

Ballroom Skirt 6

$ CAD135.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom Skirt with the short length, on a yoke with velour inserts, from four gussets. The product is made of oil jersey, belt, and yoke inserts made of soft velour.Made in..

Ballroom Skirt 8

$ CAD140.00

Skirt sun for a standard, with a stitched belt with an elastic band 3 cm wide. Made of oil jersey, trimmed at the bottom from regilin 5 cm wide.Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics...

Ballroom Skirt 9

$ CAD120.00

Ballroom Skirt Skirt length: 83 cm in front and 97 cm in back, in 42-54 size Features: A yoke skirt with a stitched belt. A frill with an asymmetrical bottom is sewn to the yoke. The bott..

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