Leggings Pants

Leggings Pants
Leggings Pants


$ CAD170.00

Super elastic elongated leggings for dancing and sports. A wide elastic band and a high fit allow you to model the most attractive figure. Sports leggings with a cutout under the heel,..

Ballroom Pants - 14

$ CAD110.00

Ballroom Pants - 14 Women's trousers for the standard A decorative detail  The product is made of jersey oil. Matching Leotard can be found here Size: 30-52 Color: as in C..

Ballroom Pants - 15

$ CAD116.00

Ballroom Pants - 15 Ballroom dance trousers for standard Material: Oil jersey and leopard mesh;Features: Flared to the bottom with a stitched belt, with an elastic band 4 cm wide.L..

Leg warmers - 01

$ CAD35.00

Warming up leggings, made of angora, medium length (above the knee)  Color: as in Catalog  Made in Europe.How tall, cmSize: Fullness №1Measure: Upper leg circumference..


$ CAD105.00

Leggings Leggings shortened for the Latin program, on the belt with an elastic band. There is a voluminous arrow on the front, fringe is sewn into the vertical relief along the back ..


$ CAD70.00

Leggings Women's leggings on a yoke made of dense jersey with leopard print. Curly yoke. The product is on a belt with an elastic band 3 cm, made of oil jersey and dense jersey with ..


$ CAD118.00

Leggings Women's leggings, made of oil jersey, with stretch mesh inserts, duplicated with beige jersey. A 10 cm long fringe is sewn on the sides. A 3 cm wide stitched belt with an el..


$ CAD75.00

Leggings for women, made of jersey, leopard print, with stripes. An elastic band 3 cm wide is sewn along the upper cut into the hem.Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics...


$ CAD55.00

Women's leggings, made of stretch knitwear with velor stripes. The uppercut of the leggings is processed with an elastic band 3 cm wide in the hem.Made in Europe, from high-quality fab..

Dance Pants - 01

$ CAD155.00

Women's elastic-band dance pants. Ballroom trousers for dancing with velvet trim at the waist and hips, which makes the silhouette more slender. Dance trousers with elastic bands at th..

Dance Pants - 02

$ CAD240.00

Modern, fashionable, very loose, and wide women's trousers for dancing. Fit at the waist with a zipper at the back. Dance trousers are made of high-quality, wear-resistant material th..

Dance Pants - 03

$ CAD240.00

Wide trousers for dancing and training with a high fit, emphasizing the silhouette and slimness of the figure. With pinches that add freedom of movement while dancing. Trousers wi..

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